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First Focal Plane Mil-Dot Reticle

Allows you to estimate range at all different magnification setting. With the reticle at first focal plane, the reticle expands as the magnification increases. This creats dead on precision and accuracy.

Side Parallax Adjustments

Allows fine adjustment on parallax correction for specific ranges using the turret-mounted focus knob without taking your eyes off the target.

Accu-Lock system utilizes a coil spring positioned within the scope to securely lock the inner tube. This coil positioning system allows the scope to stay locked dead-on to the target shot after shot.

Main Features:

1. Side adjustable parallax setting

2. First focal plane mil-dot reticles to estimate range at any magnification.

3. Illuminated mil-dot glass etched reticle

4. 100% waterproof and shockproof

5. Windage and elevation

6. Fully Multi-Coated optics

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More Spam?
Three posts that are all just advertisements. This is a Forum for the discussion of Bersa products, not just another place to advertise for free. Tell us about your Bersa experiences.
If you were a contributing sponsor, I would consider your product line, but you are just more spam and a waste of Server space.
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