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WTB Bersa .380 CC ~ Orlando Area

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Looking to buy a Bersa Thunder .380 CC, very good or like new condition, low rounds, prefer Nickel finish.

I'm located about 40 miles NW of Orlando, willing to travel 1 hour max. to meet.

Can offer a North American .22 mag as partial trade if you're interested.

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....Good luck to you... I finally found one at my Gun Shop.... Hard to get now adays..All inventory is almost SOLD out accept 3 hand gun ,hardly any ammo !! :mad:
I have also had a hard time finding a shop with a Bersa that wasn't packed with people lined out the door. Finally found one (new) at a gun show yesterday.
You wouldn't by any chance still be looking for a BERSA thunder 380 cc ?
Will this help anyone?
Bersa Handguns -
Do you know we're AAA pawn shop in Deland is? I just brought one brand new for 329.00$
Looking at all the difficulty in finding one, and further problems with locating spare mags, I'm glad that I got the BT from the start.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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