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When I first got my 9UC.

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Mornin Boys,
I'm gettin use to my weapon, I like it.
I started out with a set up like this, (it changes from time to time) and with a lil range time, it ends up lookin like this.
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I figure you made your own targets due to the material you used in their construction, however due you also make your Holster?? That is one sharp looking Holster you have there, almost too good to carry concealed.....

Thanks Tony,
That's one of my open carry holsters. This one I made for my C9 and riding my ATV, my 9UC fits in it also and the flap helps keep the dust off. I get bored some times and just like to try different styles, kinda like this one
I made this one for concealed carry.
And about the targets,,

I bought 3 of these targets from a man named freefire2 for $21.50 delivered. I got my target setup figured out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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