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Waving a paw from Georgia

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I've been pining for a Bersa Thunder Combat since I saw one at Bullseye's in Lawrenceville last year. My wife blessed me with it this Christmas. I can be found in orbit in neighboring towns around my home in Loganville. And if you must ask where's Loganville.... Google Maxie Price. "wink"...... Inside Georgia joke.

I am an artist, a father, a bit eccentric, and a fine shot. I am a maker. I've made all manner of things from holsters and knives to ventriloquist dummies. If you ever say "I wish they made a..." that's when you hit me up.

I found this and one other bersa forum by doing a tapatalk search.

I hope to make a few new friends and maybe a range buddy or so.

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Welcome to Bersa Forum SleepyDragonfly or is it Dalton?? Anyway glad to have you on board.

With all you do I sure hope you have some spare time to visit with us here on our little forum....

Automotive lighting Bumper Automotive tire Gas Asphalt

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Welcome from the Lone Star State.
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