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Trail cams

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Anybody put their trail cams out yet? Anything showing up??

trail cam
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I'm going to check my feeder, wanta go along?

Let's go
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I'm going to check my feeder, wanta go along?

Let's go
You bet I would love to go along, I wish I lived in the country where I could go hunting, fishing and just do a little target practice without going to a target range during business hours for a little fun. Sounds strange coming from someone born and raised in New York City where 8 million people live. New York City has more police officers than the city I now live in has people.....
Have not been hunting since Oct 1990 when my son and I went Bow Hunting for deer, my son got a good size deer but all I got was cold.

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I've had years like that, didn't get a darn thing.
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