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Thunder 9 grips

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I have a Thunder 9 UC that i would like to remove the grips on. I see what looks like a screw on the bottom rear of the hand grip but it doesn't turn like a normal screw. It can be pushed in about an 1/8" but once again ti will not turn either direction. Any idea how to remove the grip?
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I think someone on here explained this in the past. This is what I wrote down so I could remember it, I hope it works for you:

To Remove Thunder 9 UC-Pro Grips: With the hammer down, push a small screwdriver into the small cam at the bottom of the grips. (it is not really a screw, it merely turns to lock/unlock the grips)

Holding the cam in, gently turn it to the right about 1/8" to lock it in place.

Reach fingers up into grip frame and 'gently' pry outwards on the grips to remove them from the frame.

NOTE: It can be tricky to get the cam to pop back out correctly when you reinstall the grips.
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