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Thunder 380 Plus Threaded Barrel

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I recently purchased a 380Plus. For safety reasons I have been looking for a threaded barrel for it. So far I found the following:
Eagle Imports: They refused to sell me a threaded barrel.
Indonesian Bersa retailer: No response.
Bersa Factory: I contacted them in Buenos Aires, no response.
Armories (gun shops) in Buenos Aires: They referred me to Bersa factory.
Domestic pistol barrel manufacturers: They are not interested.
Barrel threading companies: None were interested in Bersa barrels. Tornado Tech mentioned they would not work on Bersa barrels, because the steel (4140) is too hard to work.
DIY: Perhaps there are three ways to make a threaded barrel.
A. Original barrel length:3.575"; Final length: 4.25" . we need to produce a barrel adapter of 1.0 long and .507"diameter.
I found an adapter made by Hughes Precision LLC, it has 1/2-28 threads, 1.279" long, .524" diameter.
Based on similar threaded barrels that I have seen, the length of engagement between the barrel and adapter should be 3/8".
The question then is: How are we going to connect them, adapter and barrel.
We could use a threaded connection, but given the small size thread it may be difficult to make them.
A simpler way would be to use a thermal expansion fitting. I made a detailed drawing of the Hughes adapter and all the dimensions work out well. The interference between the parts should be .001"
or .002". The Hughes adapter should be bored to .437"x 3/8"deep and the barrel turned down to .001" or .002" larger than the adapter bore.
To do the assembly, the barrel should be cooled in dry ice (-110 degrees F) to get a reduction in diameter of .0006" and the adapter should be heated to red (900 degrees F) to make it .0054" larger diameter. he clearance in these conditions should be close to.006". These are theoretical calculations. I do not have practical experience.
Anybody in the Forum could present additional suggestions?
B. An alternative would be machining a barrel as a single piece from a Blank Barrel riffled to 380CP. The outside dimensions of the barrel are easy to get, but the chambering of the barrel may not be easy. I do not know who may do it, any ideas?. I have such a blank barrel but I have not progressed any further.
C. Another way would be using the standard barrel that Bersa uses in their current 380 threaded barrel series pistols.
Please feel free to contact me if necessary, [email protected]
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D. find (perhaps quite a challenge nowadays) and purchase a new Bersa T380M8X Thunder 380 threaded barrel 4.30" with 8+1 mag and learn quick mag change to make the difference of the 380 plus 15+1, which isn't made with a threaded barrel for safety reasons.

C. being the Bersa 380 Thunder has a fixed barrel for given accuracy, I can't see any logic with the work involved to swap a threaded barrel into a plus frame. seriously. I would enjoy to find myself a 380 Plus 15+1 but seriously again, on the range doing mag changes and quickly back to on target accuracy is most of the fun challenge.
Try contacting these people. They made an extended barrel for my Taurus 92 a while back. I didn't see Bersa listed, but maybe they can suggest someone else. The Bersa 380 is a VERY POPULAR format and the barrel configuration should be a REALLY simple job. I have the Standard version and a Plus.

Good luck.
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Thank you for the information. I will contact then soon for a threaded or ported barrel and other accessories.
Thank you for your response.
Please explain your "..... 380+ is not made with a threaded barrel for safety reasons."
My personal safety reason is that to rack the slide, I grab the front of the slide which is close to the end of the barrel. I do the same for my APX and Cheetah 81 series. Both have threaded barrels. If for any reason a cartridge is fired during racking, my fingers are at least one inch away from the bullet.
Free 3D Model of BERSA THUNDER .380 BARREL that uses 1/2" x 28 Thread. Does the Bersa Thunder Plus use the same Barrel?

A Small Hobby Lathe that does Threading could be used to make one.

There is Threaded Barrel Blanks out there. None Threaded Barrel Blank. 9MM-BLANK 9mm Raw Blank 17" x 1" 1:10 Twist $42.95, enough to make (3-4) Barrels at 4.25".
9mm/380 Barrel Blank.

9MM-BLANK-L 20"x 1" 9mm Raw Barrel Blank 1:10 Twist $49.95.

These People at Nova Precision do Threaded Barrel Blanks and Custom machining.


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Does anyone have both Bersa Thunder and Bersa Thunder Plus Barrel Specs to compare?
How To Thread a .22 LR/9mm/380/223 Gun Barrel By Hand.


eBay item number:


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