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Thunder 380 Last round FTFD Solution

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I had persistent last round ftfd on my bersa thunder after hours of research on various forums solutions were weak mag springs, too strong mag springs etc. with no real solution. All jams were appx 45 degrees with the nose of the bullet jammed against the top of the barrel opening and the slide jammed against the side of the case above the rim. Not wanting to cause warranty issues, I confined my work to the factory mag. I found that squeezing the feed lips to appx. .275" I could fire pretty much any ammo with no problem, even Monarch/PPU which was a no go when I got the gun. I then acquired a MEC GAR mag. It appears well made, and unlike the Bersa mag, the feed lips and follower are parallel like most mags. First time out had a few jams. Adjusted it to the Bersa Measurements and it was better but PPU was a problem. I noted that if I loaded 1 round and rapped it against the heel of my hand, the round would pop out of the mag. I disassembled the mag an scuffed the top of the follower with coarse sandpaper. Wet to the range and loaded 2 rounds, shot one 15 mags with Perfecta, Geco and PPU. NO FAILS! Saw this solution on a 1911 forum. I will report after more rounds. Hope this helps some of you with the same problem. If I had it to do over I might start with the scuffing.
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Bersa 7 round factory mags have horrible springs. They are like flimsy piano wire. I rebuilt mine with a 380CC spring, follower, base plate lock, and base plate. Now it takes 8 rounds and feeds anything. The CC spring is twice as strong. Also rebuilding my Mec-Gar. 8 rounders. They also gave terrible springs and followers.. Funny, that was my complaint about a PPK that I tired. The mag spring was terrible.
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Update: The Mec-Gars I rebuilt with 380CC innards are 100%. With there spring and follower, it was hard to load the 8th round in the Mec-Gars. The follower's bottom edge caught on the spring coils. Rebuilt with the 380CC stuff, they are smooth and flawless loading and feeding. I also used the 380CC flat base plates and plate locks on them. SWEET!
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