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To our invaluable Admin/Mod team:

We to take a moment to say thank you to all of you for the hard work and dedication you put into the community. We know sometimes being a Mod/Admin can be a thankless job but it is your passion and hard work that helps keep this community active, organized, and safe for users to share their stories, builds, experiences, and images.

The heart of any community is the mod staff and we recognize that more than anybody. You guys are the key to policing forums, setting and enforcing rules, and creating a friendly and engaging community.

We appreciate everything you do, and since this job is often thankless, we wanted to take the time to say thank you to all of you!

Please remember if you need anything just post up in the Team to VS section of the site and let us know you need us. You are also welcome to PM us when needed.

We know some of the security changes are making it a bit harder to get things done, but we are working on some new items to help our with that, please be on the look out for posts from us in the coming months.

Thanks again everyone for everything

From you friendly Community Support Staff
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