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Because I have been spending a lot of time in urban areas lately, I have been using my 2015 production CZ83 for an EDC weapon, using a gun glove holster. For the last three months or so, the only time I have been using the FireStorm is when I need to wear a tucked shirt and use an ankle holster. I find, however, that with summer being in full force, The steel framed CZ83 is a bit heavy for IWB in my lightweight shorts with a pulled out t-shirt (It does way 2 more ounces than my Glock 19, which surprises me. It feels lighter). With that in mind, I have switched to my Bersa FireStorm 8+1 .380 (half a pound lighter - less rounds and alloy frame) in an IWB holster.

Just in case you are interested, though, the CZ83, however, will still be a carry piece. I have one of the Czech military "pouch type" holsters for it. I will keep the loaded CZ 83 (13+1 rounds), a spare magazine (13 Rounds), and leaning rod and oil cloth in the holster. I have put that setup in my Search and Rescue back pack, so I will have a discreet weapon with 27 rounds of ammo. I use the pack day hiking in the Sierra, as well as on searches. While not a powerhouse, the Buffalo Bore +P 90 grn JHP "flying ashtrays" perform almost as well as a standard velocity 9mm, with 300 ft lbs of ME from the CZ83.

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