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Slide Catch Removal

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Hi everyone. I have my 9 UC Pro frame ALMOST completely stripped. For the life of me I can't find anywhere here, or anywhere else, a post, article or video on how to remove the slide catch (or the dissasembly lever either).
Does anyone have any knowledge as to how I can remove the slide catch? Or, can you direct me to a post where someone has done so.

I am polishing out the frame and would love to get these two levers (slide catch and take down lever) off so that I can polish them and behind them. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

BTW, I have completely stripped and polished 3 other guns with success. Yes, this one is a bit more complicated, but really not by that much. Given the lack of available info, I am making drawings as I go, anotating where what goes. Once this is complete, I intend to share this info on this forum. Appears to be sorely needed!
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I had a vid of me doing these and the pictures were in order, but darn,, I can't find them. Hope these help.

De-cocker Slideshow by hobbles | Photobucket

Firing Pin Replacement Slideshow by hobbles | Photobucket
Thanks hobbles! I actually found your slide show before I found this forum. I did use your slideshow to get the safety/decocker off. Now if I could just find someone who has done the rest!
Anyway, I'm making drawings as I go as to what came out of where and how it fit. Hope I can put her back together again! Attaching a pic of where I am with it so far. Lots of casting marks, wavey and grainy metal, so already have about 6 hours standing at the polishing wheel.
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hi all new here.
i received a bersa thunder uc 9mm and am trying to figure out how the sear works no single action took the sear out and cant get the spring back in. any help would be nice thanks for your time
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