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Shooting with your left.

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After several months of point and shoot I can hit what I aim for but I would not try to shoot a cigarette from someones hand yet or ever.
Now I want to learn to shoot with my left hand. Any tips or videos I can download to make my transition to shooting with either hand a lot easier? On A previous post, Imarangemaster said he was having trouble racking his gun due to an operation on his shoulder. Got to thinking what I would do if my right hand was hurt and could not fire my gun if needed. I have got to be able to shoot with either hand so I am going to start training myself. I will check the internet but hope a member can help me out.
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Search Youtube for Cowboy Action Shooting videos on "Gunfighter Shooting". That is where you use a pistol in each hand, unsupported. Maybe a tip there. Also search for videos "shooting with your weak hand" or "non-dominant hand".
I don't practice it near enough top maintain proficiency, but my initial training in the Security Police in '66 included weak side training. Passed the course, but only train left handed on rare occasion.
Just got back into town from a business trip and went to the range to practice some left handed shooting and I learned one thing, I really need to practice a lot if I want to get good at shooting left handed. What I may need to do is find a left handed shooter for some instructions. I have been practicing at home with an empty gun with-snap caps and have not really gotten the hang of it. But going to keep trying.

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When I qualified as a LEO, we generally had at least a magazine or two weak handed, unsupported to simulate a strong hand injury.
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