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Shooting habits

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I have been shooting Guns for longer than I can remember and shooting my Bersa Thunder 380 for 6 years. I normally shoot with my left eye and now I am told that my right eye is my Dominant eye so I should shoot with my right eye. Guess I have been wrong all these years but I don't intend to change now unless it makes me shoot better. Anyone else shoots using their Dominant eye or not. Also do you shoot with both eyes open. Just wondering if I am really wrong as to how to shoot.
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I haven't shot a handgun in 30 yrs till I bought my Bersa a couple weeks ago. My question is - do you shoot right handed or left? I am right handed, and also right eye dominant so I close my left eye.
I shoot right handed and I close my right eye. It just seems so natural that way.
ok, that seems wierd to me, but hey, if it works for you, I wouldn't change a thing.
I'm right handed and use a two handed "golf grip" for most shooting with both eyes open. However I do practice shooting one handed with both hands and while doing that I use the right eye for the right hand and the left eye for the left hand. Cover all your options because it may save your life....
Good point. Next week when I go to the range I will try shooting with my right eye and both eyes open. Just hope I don't put a few rounds in the target of the shooter next to me....
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