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Place the Disconnector item # 42 into the sloted area on the right side of the frame with the little tab at the bottom facing the rear. Just to the rear of the disconnector you will see a little hole in the frame place the Safty Drawbar Spring item #58 into that hole. On the Drawbar item #33 you will see the post, the post is notched closest to the drawbar for the trigger spring tang. Inset the Drawbar into the frame and into the top hole of the trigger fork, while doing this push forward on the trigger spring so the post will clear. DO NOT push it all of the way through yet. Now place the Drawbar Spring item #34 into the groove in the frame. NOW push the drawbar in, when it is very close to seating make sure the drawbar spring is in the groove in the drawbar. Move the safty drawbar spring into place on the top of the drawbar. Make sure the trigger spring is in the groove on the post of the drawbar. Wood Eyewear Audio equipment Auto part Bumper
Light Air gun Trigger Revolver Gun barrel
Wood Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Bumper
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