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has anyone removed there rear sight and used there .380 that way. I have never heard of doing this but I do remember my instructor saying "know where your front sight is at all time".

What I'm thinking is that in an emergency it takes a little longer to line up both front/back sights if there is no rear sight all you would have to do is find the front sight AND the ramp and you should be able to hit your target if they are at a fairly close range.......will try this out when the weather is better out 24* is to cold to do any shooting.

My thought is that if you remove as many steps as possible such as having to unstrap/thumb break the holster/pull slide back/take safety off/line up your sights ETC. there is less for the brain to think about...faster that you can get things done......less the amount of steps the better for me........:)

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I have been practicing shooting without using my sights for a while, usually within 10ft and have been doing fairly well. That's because it is for home protection and I have a small house. Left to right I am OK however I am hitting the target's head, neck, chest, stomach, legs and private parts a lot. I have to work on that or drop this type of shooting. I don't draw for practice on home defense, just have my gun at my side and use the standard 2 handed grip.
Have you tried removing your sights? and how does it work for you? let me know so I can try.

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