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Range Time

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I took my BT380 to the range for some excersise, yesterday.
This was my third session with it, so it's still new to me. I sprang for a bag of F.M.J.s from my stash. I also brought the last of a box of Remington H.P.s.
The gun was perfect. I put 38 rds of ball plus 17 rds of H.P.s. This brings my round count up to 88 ball anf 17 H.P.s. that were flawless. I think it's ready for the rotation. I only shot at room distances which is it's mission in my stable. I think of it as my Suburban Sidekick.
Two minor glitches. The slide does not lock open after the last round. It does stay open when I pull it back manually. I don't really concider that to be a problem. This is not a battlefield weapon. At the moment, I don't even have a second magazine to re-charge it with. And, the left grip screw wants to back out. I understand it's not uncommon.
All in all, I'm very satisfied with this gun. I'll need a holster and a second magazine.... I know, good luck on the magazine.
I expect that this BT380 will be in my stable for quite a while. :)
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I ordered a magazine through eagle imports. It was backordered but only took a few weeks til it shipped. Wish I had ordered about 5 since they are going for up to 60 bucks on ebay. If you're not in a huge rush - go thru Eagle and wait it out.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably soon order one, maybe two. I'm not really in any hurry. I do have a J-frame .357 that I've been using. It has .38s in it.
I hope Eagle Imports (Bersa's US dealer) is not charging $60.00 a pop for the BT380 Magazines?????
I know what you mean. I don't want it $60 worth. Even at the $38 msr price they were high. There are some ProMags on Gun Broker for a "Fixed" price of $66 for two. Add $3 shipping and they're $34.50 each. They might be O.K. for the range to save wear on the O.E.M., but I've read that they are "iffy" at best. Besides, I only need one for a reload. A third one is merely wishful thinking.
I supose I should contact Eagle to get a quote and invoice number, then send them a Money Order. I can wait. I have other "tools".
I E-mailed Bersa last night. I got a reply today. Very quick. They gave me a quote for two magazines with shipping ($76) but asked me to check back in "a few weeks" about ordering. Great C.S. even if they don't have the product. I'll need some time to budget the money anyhow, but at least I know.
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Bersa Thunder magazine 380acp

Out of stock ... check back again
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