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Puter backup?

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Easyus doto clone/partition program sucks, and I paid for it. Anyone know of a good hard drive backup program?
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Mr Hobbles, sure glad you got your computer working again. Welcome back.
I don't use a backup program since I only backup my important data files, so I have an external hard drive for my data files and misc files.

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Thanks Tony.
Easyus doto clone/partition program sucks, and I paid for it. Anyone know of a good hard drive backup program?
Mr. Hobbles, I'm relatively spoiled in that Macs are my platform and Mac peeps like me have access to an incredible cloner called "Carbon Copy Cloner" which will easily make a *bootable* clone of a boot disk onto any other adequately sized clean partition. If disaster strikes I can seamlessly boot directly from the clone partition if/when I tag it as my new start-up drive. I cannot imagine leaving home without it and it's saved my bacon several times over the years. I'm assuming that you are running a windows box. If that is the case, suggest taking a look at Casper which I used some years ago to cover my grandson's Winders lappie against child abuse. It's been a while, but as best I recall set up and recovery required more steps and actually physically replacing the lappie's internal boot drive with the external clone HDD in that older laptop running under an older version of winders, but it worked like a charm for the remainder of the eventually doomed computers life. I remember first testing Casper within it's free trial period and it worked like a charm so I bought it. I also suspect that recovery under more recent versions of Windows and Casper might be more direct and intuitive.

The device I used to produce cloned copies of the kid's internal windows boot drive was Other World Computing's silent On-The-Go Pro HDD which included a small bus powered acrylic housing, but I also picked up the A/C adapter. When the internal drive eventually crashed and burned I swapped out the two drives and was instantly back in business when restarting the box.

Here's the device manual for the HDD. If you have any questions I'd suggest giving OWC's friendly and helpful customer service folks a call.
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Mornin critterdoc,
Thanks for the info.
I ended up using EaseUS todo back up which worked out good for me, twice. I did the clone, partition part. 1/2 hour and I was back to normal using the Mozilla Firefox and Thunder back up program also. It sure beats the 3 or 4 days it used to take.

Sometimes I hate puters,,,,
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I also found this to be of help.
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