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Problem with new bersa thunder 380

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Hello from the great state of Texas! I just recently purchased a new Bersa Thunder 380 and it shot ok on my first trip to the range;however, on my second trip the decocker lever locked in the decock position and the gun is inoperable. I did clean and lube it after I bought it and after my first shooting session. Since it was inoperable, I took it home,cleaned and lubed it but that did not work. I cannot take it off of decock. Has anyone had this experience? I am thinking I need to send it to a bersa gunsmith for warranty work but I am very disappointed with this gun and rethinking my purchase. Thank you for any help you can give me. Ray:
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Welcome to the Bersa Pistol Forum from Texas DFW area, Glad to have you on board.

Do a search on " Stiff or "Heavy" Decocker Lever - 380 " from a long time member which may help. Read both post.

Again welcome.
A little late to the dance, but welcome from another Texas from the NE corner of unincorporated Harris County. Check the Eagle sight for a list of gunsmiths if ya' can't get it operating.

Depending on where in Texas you're located, the following is an authorized warranty shop:

JGE, 156 CR 305, Lott, TX 76656
Tel: 254-749-7940
email: [email protected]

Gun Range & Firearms Instructor - Lott, Belton, Temple
Simplify. Have you tried just pushing the lever back in? Or is it in place, properly, and is locked in position? I seem to remember one of my levers (can't remember if it was the decock or the lock release on the right/hand side forward of the trigger guard) sticking out just a tiny bit and pushing it back in fixed it. I still agree with you that as new as the pistol is, you shouldn't have the problem at all. :mad: Good luck getting it taken care of.
Depending on where in Texas you're located, the following is an authorized warranty shop:]
Gander Mountain will ship it to Bersa for you also. No charge. They are listed as an authorized service center.
Pasote, did you ever get this problem resolved?
I had a similar problem and ended up sending it in for warranty work. It ended up being a burr and a small metal shaving in the decocker. I sent it to Wolfgang the Gun Doctor up in Oregon. I can't say enough good things about the work he did, quickly too.
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Thanks MKCOL for your feed back. Hopefully it may solve the Decocker problem. Its amazing that a little burr could cause a big problem with the Bersa 380.

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Just purchased 7/19/17, Gun cleaned and lubed, functioned tested ok with snap caps.
First trip to gun range 7/20/17, fired 50 rounds Fiocchi 95 gr., FMJ ok. On 8th magazine gun’s slide separated and flew about 15ft into the range target area (impacting cement floor). Reassembled gun, but slide and take down level are jammed. Unable to rack slide or disassemble. Appears that the takedown level part is broken. Off for repairs.

Has anyone had this happen ?
Welcome to Bersa Pistol Forum David from the Lone Star State.
No, this has never happened to me or to anyone I know in all the years I have use pistols of all types and manufacturers... Which model did you have?? From what I know about the BT380 and the BT380cc there are only 3 parts that are use to remove the slide. They are the Disassembly lever, slide stop and slide stop spring. It is very strange that the disassembly lever is broken I would think it may be the Slide stop spring. Wish I could be of more help and if Bersa will tell you how it failed please let us know it will be greatly appreciated.

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I purchased the Bersa Thunder 380 CC, Satine Nickel finish. I sent it to Wolfgang the Gun Doctor up in Oregon. He has not seen the gun yet, but responded to my email description that it's most likely the slide stop, part #19, and should be a quick fix. I did notice I was unable to get the disassembly lever to move to the down position just before the slide separation. Also noticed when cleaning the day before shooting that the disassembly lever would stick in the down position vs springing back up (had to manually push up), so maybe these are warning signs. Food for thought. Will report back if I learn anything different.
...Strange , I NEVER in all my years had any problems with my Bersa's.There's always a first time,it seems... :)
AGREE, Wolfgang the Gun Doctor up in Oregon is excellent. He also responds timely to any questions you may have about your gun or it's repair status. Don't give up tp quickly on this gun, just get it fixed and if you are the original owner, take advantage of the life-time warranty.
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