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planning to buy an used Bersa 32 thunder

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hi guys
I'm very glad to join this group, in the next week I am planning to buy an used bersa thunder 32 in agood condition
i need your opinion about this pistol and caliper
and from where i can get a new magazine and safety key lock
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That should be a really sweet pistol even if 32 ammo might be somewhat difficult to find. I never have used the key lock on mine. You should be able to find the latest Bersa dealer on the web to call about a lock key and magazine.
The mag? No telling. You could try Triple K, they seem to have mags for obsolete pistols. Don't know about the quality, though. You could also try Pro Mag, but I'm not sure they make mags for obsolete pistols; maybe.
The lock key? Bersa online has both the small and the large; make sure you get the correct one. Don't know if they are currently in stock or not.
.32acp is a great caliber. Good luck.
The 32 for me was a "Wanna buy" for me and in the couple of years since I bought a LNIB one from a friend. Even though I have only fired it once, I did buy a small stock of ammo for it. I keep it stored in a surplus military 30 cal can that has a good seal with moisture absorbers in the can.
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