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Well, I've been wondering what kind of penetration I am getting with my weapon using 3.7 grains of TIGHT GROUP gun powder set at AOL 1.150 (29.85 mm) with a 124 grain bullet made with wheel weights that I make myself. With my bullet weight I can use between 3.7 to 4.4 grains of powder. I have found that hot loads in any weapon that I have fired, really gives me a wide pattern. My Bersa 9UC likes 3.7 and gives me a tight pattern. If a load can't penetrate a heavy jacket, then it's no good for SD. (self defense) A hot load will penetrate a heavy jacket but it might take a few rounds to hit a spot that does any good, and we might not have that time. So I go with the best pattern just in case I have to keep my Wife safe in a bad situation. If I ever need to use my weapon, which I hope never happens, I will aim for the third button down. (Aim small, miss small) I practice a lot in being able to hit what I aim at. But, back to the penetration part using a light load. I think I am ok with my loads. The first picture is the set up. 4 one gallon jugs set at one inch apart.

The second is a move. It show the out come. My shells go all the way through all 4.
You can see that the bullet flattens out (gets bigger) by the amount of water that comes out in the last two.
,,,,Click on picture,,,,

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Well Hobbles I sure wish I knew more about hand loading my own ammo but I never did get into hand loading ammo. Never had the time nor the space at home to even consider loading, besides I don't want to blow myself up.
By the way when you say you will aim for the 3 button down are you talking about from the shirt or pants after all if you hit a BG in the Pelvis area is the quickest way to stop him. Something about the pain and losing all control of your leg movement.....

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