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Old hands--New gun!!

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Hey from midcoast Maine. My Mother called me Stephen so that will have work here to. Now I have some time to try some hand gun shooting. Have an older S&W revolver [357] , and a few family hand down revolvers. Bought a Bersa Thunder 380. First pistol I have ever had or shot. Joined a rifle & pistol club up here that is really involved in handgun competition with outdoor, and indoor ranges. Nothing fancy, we keep it warm with an old wood stove, and neat inside, and out. With this new technology we get the chance to learn, and share the common interest we have with our Bersa Pistols. If I am going to carry a gun, then I sure as hell better know how to use it proficently. Glad to be here.
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Welcome to the Bersa Pistol Forum from The Lone Star State.
Nice to have you on board Stephen and I hope you have indoor Plumbing to go with your wood stove. Kinda real cold in Maine as far as I remember since I was born in NYC and visited Maine as a kid.

Hello Stephen
Welcome to the forum. I am new here as well, they are a bunch of nice guy's .
Very helpful to.
I also was born in NY Long Island, like Tony, Now I am in plantation,FL.
Have a great day Ronald K4GET
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