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Ok I'm showing my ignorance here!!!

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I have owned Bersa's for a long time and I read a question on another site that I have never read before. A member was discussing buying a Thunder 380 but said he was not happy with this? This was his question.

(Quote) I'm looking into buying a Bersa Thunder .380 but I don't like magazine disconnects. Were they ever offered without this option?

Can someone explain to me what he may be talking about?
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My knowledge on the Bersa 380's is limited to the series running back seven plus years and I do not know of any that were produced without the magazine disconnect. There are many, including some on this forum who choose to disable the mag disconnect over the factory recommendation. I personally like the magazine disconnect as an additional safety and do not recommend disabling this safety feature, but that is a decision for each shooter and I firmly believe in the old philosophy of to each, his own. . I bought a Walther P series 380 and got rid in less than 30 days and that was one of two major reasons I dumped it and traded even for a second, used, BT380. As The BT 380 was my only carry for five years, I have to admit and was a bit disappointed when I got my first 9UC and it did not have that feature.
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