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I really like the SA and DA of the Bersa's. I've been testing the DA when I have a misfire. So far I have had 0 failure's.
I am already on target and when I get a misfire, instead of clearing the round and slapping the the mag then getting back on target, I just stay on target and pull the trigger again. In 6 months I have probably had 10/15 misfires and not one has not gone off using the DA.
With just a single action you have no choice, you have to clear the round.
I think I am getting the misfires from a bad hand primer, I need a new one. Sometimes when I'm inserting a new primer, it won't go in right and I have to move the brass around a bit to seat it. I can see a dent in the primer when that happens. So that MIGHT be the problem.
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