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No Single Action until last 1-3 rounds

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Have had my BT380 Duotone for almost a year. I experienced the issue with the grips being too tight and it caused stove piping, FTE problems. I cleaned and oiled it and backed the grip screws out until just snug. Didn't use blue Loctite but will at some point. That problem seems to be remedied.
Yesterday I went to the range and experienced yet a different issue: Using an OEM Bersa mag.,the gun shot fine in DA but would not go to SA until the last 1-3 rounds. It did this consistently for a 50 round box of Sellier&Bellot brass ball cartridges.

Now I'm a clueless. Is this a simple fix or is this gun getting shipped to a Bersa repair place?

Thanks. :confused:
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Oem mags never worked right in my 380 CC. I ordered a few directly from Bersa, and I have not had any problems.
Before you ship, contact Wolfgang, the Gun Doctor. He is a well respected gunsmith used quite often on another Bersa forum.

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. After spending some quality YouTube time, I decided to field strip...and than some and really clean the gun. It was filthy. Not because I'm a knucklehead that doesn't clean his guns properly. But because I never gave it the thorough initial cleaning and just did some basic cleaning after the few times I shot it since I got it about a year ago.There was still preservative in some critical places...I gave it a complete cleaning and oiling. I will try it again in the next few days but it feels smoother and all appears to function correctly mechanically. Proof is in actually shooting it obviously.
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