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New To Bersa!!!

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Hey folks!

Bersa newbie here from Virginia.

Retired civil servant, 30+ years working for the Navy, now spending my time working 1 day/wk at a local golf course. When I'm not shooting guns I'm playing golf, and right now guns are winning the race.

I had been looking at the old Makarovs, CZs, etc, I wanted a sleek looking pistol. One of my co-workers at the GC is a retired USMC gunny sgt and kept talking about his Bersa. I spotted on for a good price a couple of weeks ago and next thing I knew the LGS was calling to tell me to come pick up my new toy. The Bersa was less expensive than the Makarov types and 30-40 years newer, glad I made the right choice. So far I've only put 50 rnds thru it but it ran fine, need more range time for sure.

I have many questions, so I'll read what's already been said then maybe post a bit.
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