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Hello folks!

While I own many other pistols besides my 3 Bersas (Thunder 380, 380CC, and now UC9), I wanted to know if anyone knows of a chart depicting the differences between my UC9 as opposed to the UC9 PRO.

Also, would the PRO magazines fit the non PRO pistols? And would the current stock of holsters that fit the PRO fit the non PRO? I know the PRO sights are very different from the non PRO, but I think MeproLight MIGHT have a set for the non PRO for about $82 US plus p&h. from Optics Planet.

I've shot my little UC9. It shoots WELL! It is not my Beretta 92FS INOX, nor is it my S&W 908. But it sits comfortably in the middle of both recoil wise. Its accuracy is pretty good for such a short barrel, and it's a solid shooter eating all kinds of ammo I put into its magazine. As to fit and finish? It's not going win beauty pageants, but it's not intended to be a prissy thing. It is supposed to be a daily carry CCW, warts and all.

I carry my S&W 908 as my daily CCW in either a Nate Squared Original or a Old FAshioned Holster Kit (Depending on job or social events). But I want something for the vehicle as a back-up. I have a Sigma 40 which I did a trigger spring mod and a little trigger parts polish... shoots AMAZINGLY well after the mods. And holds more rounds than the 908 or any of my 380s. The UC9 seems to fit the bill quite nicely.

While at the range, the guys couldn't see what I was holding, but got a look down range at the target. Impressed, they asked if I was shooting a Kahr or Kimber or Ruger. They didn't know what to say after I showed them it was a Bersa. All of a sudden phrases were tossed about, "lucky shot", "one in a million", "got lucky with that one". Whatever! But each and everyone of them either texted me later or emailed me wanting to know about my little black beauty.

Until next time!

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