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New or Not So New?

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I recently purchased a new Bersa 9 Pro on Gun Broker (haven't received it yet). The seller advertised it as "NEW" and told be via email it is "Brand new in the factory box". Being a retired police armor and investigator I called to check the date of import by the serial number and was told it was imported in January 2013. The seller claims he has no idea where it has been for 18+ months but the fact raises concern on my part. My concern is that it could have been a rental gun at a shooting range, never registered, therefore still consider new (it has happened before). Of course I will know if it is really "Brand New" once I receive and inspect it. Do you think it is unusual for it to have been in the US for 18 months before it was available for sale? Or pretty normal?
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It could have been in the distributors possession for that time or with a dealer and it didn't sell. I have bought guns from my LGS that had been in his safe for a while. Odd that the seller didn't have an idea of it's history though. You should know soon enough anyway.
I have seen several guns listed on the auction sites that are adverised as "New Old Stock". A couple were models that were discontinued several years ago.
In 2012 I bought a new Taurus PT92...built in 1998. Even better than the ones now as it doesn't have the trigger lock. Last year I bought a Ruger P89 built in 2007. Nothing wrong with old stock. I'm old stock myself! :D
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