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New member from the Seattle area

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I am a new member from the Seattle WA area. I bought my first handgun (in 30 years) two weeks ago and I chose a Bersa .380.

All I can say is wow. I tend to do a lot of research before I get into anything and I could not find ANYTHING on the Bersa. Well, the day I purchased my brother in law and I headed to the range to try it out. He also brought his .40 and a Czech made 9mm. Both of us liked the Bersa the best. It operated flawlessly and gave me such a thrill, I have become a full fledged enthusiast. it was easy to take down and clean ...little stiff being new but for a guy who hasn't touched one in 30 years, nothing could be easier....With that said..

I work in a major IT job planning for disaster recovery. I am an avid audiophile, have some amazing equipment including two sweet turntables (okay, showing my

I am pretty computer savvy, above a user, below a

That's it..glad there is forum to share on...
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Welcome from Las Vegas.
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