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New little friend Bersa Thunder 380

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I read about the Bersa 380 ‘s and watched every video I could find before buying one. I guess I couldn’t believe that they were actually that good. When I received mine the first thing I did was strip it down to its base atoms and look everything over. Being a gunsmith for the past 30 odd years gives one either an advantage or a disadvantage according to what day it is and the side of the bed you got out on.
I have specialized over the years in vintage revolvers and bolt action rifles. Pieces which parts were hard or impossible to find when you needed one so automatics were not completely outside my scope but they were just hovering on the edges.
Looking around on one of the auction sights, a couple of months back I happened to notice the Thunder 380. Thus began my downfall.
I now own what may be the first of many. A week or so before I received my 380 I won an auction on 3 MecGar mags for about $20 ea. All were NIB and work great. So far I have about 100 rounds thru it without a hiccup on any of the mags.
The only downside I have found so far is the finish. This piece has only been in and out of a holster maybe fifteen times and I am seeing some fading of the finish on the end of the slide and the takedown lever. I can live with that.
I also do custom leather work so the first thing I did was make a holster to fit. It is more of a prototype than anything else. I wanted to try some different things and get the size right before I used any good leather. I have decided that the size works but I will probably do some tooling on the finished product with the option of strong side or shoulder wear.
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Welcome and well done. Thanks for the post, very interesting.
Nice looking holster! I wear a vest almost 100% of the time, but it is hard to find one with nice big pockets. I have one but it is wearing out. I found this one made in Australia that is outstanding.
I can carry my full-size 1911 45ACP in this vest very comfortably! Along with my Kahr MK40 Elite on the other side! And my Bond 45 Colt derringer in the right side pocket! Enough guns and ammo to wage a street war. :):)
Of course, it screams "This Bozo is packing a gun", but I have no problem with that. People are much more polite when I wear it. :)

Speaking of the Bersa Thunder, like the original poster, when I became aware of them I watched every YouTube video I could find … and there are a ton of them … and 99% of them are stellar reviews. Next thing I knew, I was hitting the "Buy" button for a Bersa Thunder Plus 380 nickel finish on Bud's Guns. The idea of having 15 rounds is very appealing. Enough so that I will most likely be leaving my trusty 1911 home most of the time. I detest striker-fired guns for the most part, and despise Glocks and generally don't like DAO guns. So the Bersa Thunder is right up my alley. I can't wait to get my hands on it and pretend I'm James Bond. :cool:
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