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New Grips...New Holster

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Wow, that looks very nice :smt023
new grips new holster

i just ordered my new ubg holster for my t380. yours looks great . the grips are outstanding looking.
Very nice. Good choice of grips. First Black & Gold I've seen that I like.

i usually don't like wood grips on autos (except the old black 1911s). but these look really nice!
Steve, that pimp gun looks better every time I see it. Just got a kholster for my Thunder.
Is that holster model the "STRIKER"?

very nice!
I have been looking for some wood grips for my nickel 380 I have on the way. What's the website for those?
I've got the bi-metal T380 and have been looking for the gold accent pistol in black ever since I got mine. Like the look. UBG makes some really neat holsters too. His work just keeps getting better and it was pretty dang good to start with.
Very nice set up ya' got there!!

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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