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Howdy everyone,

Just got a Bersa Thunder .380 CC in matte black for more discreet carry.

I previously owned and sold a Bersa Thunder .380 and enjoyed that pistol very much.

My daily carry is normally a Glock 19 w/ Trijicon RMR and a few magazines for it, but when I need to tuck in my shirt, or if I need to be more discreet, the Bersa will be used.

I always thought the CC looked and felt awesome in my hand. I'm excited to be an owner again.

I'm here to learn and share ideas. Look forward to participating.

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You are correct Apamburn, the BT380cc is a great little carry pistol, I have been carrying my BT380cc for a couple of years now. Not only does it feel comfortable but no one can tell I am carrying which is what I like.

Great Choice
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