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New Bersa at the range

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Took my new Bersa 380 to the range today for the first time. What a surprise. 100 rounds over the course of an hour or so. No FTF or FTE. Shot it at 20 feet. The first 5, 7 shot groups were all inside 2 inches. The trigger was great and the recoil negligible. Bought the rubber finger grips for it and they worked well also. Bought a mag loader because rounds 6 and 7 were gonna be thumb busters. That made loading the mags a breeze. Ordered two Pro Mag magazines and am anxious to see how they pan out. Watched a You Tube video and the presenter offered a quick fix for any problems encountered with that brand. $22 vs $40 for the Bersa brand. If they don't work it'll be the cost of sending them back. Saved $120 on the gun buying it from Bud's Gun Shop online. No NYS tax or shipping charges. All in all a great little shooter for walks at night or picking mushrooms.
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You had 5 - 7 shot groups all inside 2 inches now that is great shooting, plus you saved $120.00 you can't beat that either. Be careful picking mushrooms they can get vicious.
Do you remember the name of the video you watched on the quick fix for Pro Mag mags. Thanks.

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Excellent report. If your specimin is as reliable as mine, you'll be surprised when it does have a "bobble".
With ammo prices and availability being they are, I've started shooting 5 round groups at the range. It's those first two shots that are most critical, anyway.
As far as the Pro mag magazines go, some are are good, some are not-so-good. It's just the luck of the draw. I have some for another weapon and use them at the range in order to save the wear on the O.E.M. mags. Of the four that I have for that gun, one gave me a problem, one time.
.....and saving money is always good. :)
Have fun, stay safe, and may you never have to use it to save your bacon.
I have three ProMags and have not had a problem with them. However, MecGar makes an 8 round mag for the BT 380 which usually sells for about $10 less than the factory mag.
Good report and info. I had a similar experience during my first range visit with my Thunder 380. I've been loading six rounds in each of my two (factory) mags at the range, beats sore thumbs. I will have to look into getting a mag loader in the future.
Ordered two Pro Mag magazines and am anxious to see how they pan out.
I got 2 ProMags for my Bersa about 2 years ago when mags, guns, ammo, etc. were almost impossible to find after the Sandy Hook tragedy. A few folks said they were trash, others said they were OK. I have had absolutely NO problems with them since I got them. They've been reliable and I wouldn't hesitate to get them again. Prices must have gone up a bit in 2 years because I think I paid $20 for them at Ammunition, Magazines, Rifle Parts, Bulk Ammo and Rifle Accessories - Palmetto State Armory (I had paid like $35 for Bersa mags when I got the gun locally so the 20 bucks looked really good!)
It was on the MidwayUSA ad for Pro Mag. Said to go on You Tube. All you do is put the mag in the mag well and leave it a quarter inch short from going in all the way. Then just give it a sharp blow with the heel of your hand and it supposedly fits the lips of the mag if there's anything wrong. Went yesterday and shot 70 rounds of my hand loads out of each magazine. No FTF or FTE. My shooting wasn't as good as Remington was there with their 50MM canon going off and gave me the jumps every time it went off. I was interested in my hand loads anyway. Only bullets I can find are Ranier 100 gr FMJ and Sierra HP. They functioned great though with W231 and CCI 500 primers. My sons a police officer down in Atlanta so I've got a good role model to follow. Like to do well and send him pix of my targets. He's impressed. Plus he keeps me busy reloading for his off duty ammo for hand guns and rifles. I love reloading. Especially during our six months long winters here in Central NY. Go on You Tyube and there a short video on the Pro Mag fix. They worked great and are half the price of Bersa mags. Got some hand guns I've paid close to a grand for that don't shhot any better than my little Bersa. What a beauty!
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You're right on the 5 shot groups Gretschguy. Will be doing that in future sessions. Being that I'll carry with 7 rounds I wanted to see how everything functioned. Couldn't have gone better. For practice 5 rounds is plenty. I also hope I never HAVE to use it but I know if I do it will perform as expected.
I think I've posted these before but with ammo sometimes still difficult to find and expensive, these two sources are good to have. I have used (and still do!) them a LOT and their products are excellent. If you don't mind reloads for range use you might check: Georgia Arms OR Ammunition Online at Factory Direct Prices | Freedom Munitions | Handgun Ammo & Rifle Ammo
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