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New Bersa 9mm BP CC?

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Does anyone when this will be available in USA? Not sure if I have specifics correct on it
appreciate it. Does anyone have a photo of it too?
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Check out this link for more info:
great stuff...thanks...would love to see one up close soon.
Bersa BP9cc

Got an email from Bersa today...the Bersa BP 9cc 9mm won't be available in the USA until late this year....
That would be nice but the Pro models were about 6 month behind schedule getting over to the states. I would expect the same on this model. If it comes in on time it will be great.
I am also looking forward to it as a 9mmCCW, my current is a Beretta and its all metal.
a nice small poly would be great.
I just cant get around to liking the Keltek or Ruger twin.
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