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Need Magazine Bad

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I got a Bersa Thunder 380 cc not long ago here in Ga. , and have been having a lot of trouble finding a factory magazine as a back up. Looking forward to checking this forum out, especially the mods and custom smithing sections. Anyway any help with the magazine would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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When I got my 380 a couple months ago I had the same problem. I ordered one from Eagle Imports and it was backordered. I found one on ebay and paid way to much but got it anyway. Eagle shipped mine a couple of weeks later so now I have 3. Wish I had bought about 10 from Eagle since they are now going for $60 plus on ebay.........
Welcome aboard from the Gunshine State.
Magazines and ammo seem to be in short supply. Try Condors Flight for a magazine. They are listed on the Bersa home page. You may have to wait a while.
P3AT Magazines

I was at Todds Guns today 3-16 they had four. Here is their information:

Todds Guns
8019 Summerfield Rd. Lambertville, MI 48144
(734) 568-6031

Hope this helps!
I heard that at ( ) has magazine for sale.
Thanks Guys I tried both, Todd's was out. Sadly so was nachezss. I checked condors as well. Same story. If you hear of any where else please let me know. I will act faster next time. I snoozed on Todd's. If you are there again and see some, another heads up would be awesome. I'll be checking this every day from now on. Thanks again guys.
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