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My safe Queens..........

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......and she is about a year older that me. Had an elderly friend that we had helped while living in Las Vegas that decided to downsize due to some severe health issues and move to California to be with family. He and his family offered them me at $50 apiece. Spent about $25 to replace a couple of non original parts on the .45 and about $ 300 on restoring the M1. I had always wanted an M1 after using the M2 version in AF Security Police training and duty during the mid mid to late 60's, and at the price, I just could not pass on the opportunity.

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9UC, that M1 looks a lot like the M1 carbine I had to qualify with when I joined the Air Force and took my Basic training at Lackland AF base more years ago than I can remember. Now the M1 they used had a smaller clip and I guess I was not a marksman because the Air Force made me an aircraft mechanic and I took care of a B52 during the Vietnam conflict. Spend most of my time in Guam.

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The mag pictured is a 30 round, I got two of them, a three 15 round and one 5 round from the prior owner. As far as I know, all the mags that AF used were 15 the round version. I bought a bunch of the pre Pro Mag 15 round Korean mags just before the prices went up during the 2012 rush. When I went through basic in August of '66, we did our quals on the original version of the M16(A1) and that and the old Model 10 S&W .38 is what I carried in '68 while in Nam. Did some stateside training with the M2 and was issued and carried one in early '69 after I returned from Nam as buy that time M16s were in short supply. The above is the only rifle I currently own, To keep the number of calibers given some down, I have given some consideration to buying a 9mm carbine, especially if .bersa came out with one that would utilise the 9 UC and HC mags.
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