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The Admin/Moderator team is the very heart of the community, and above all, the true leaders. Working together we can continue to develop a strong community that members can be proud to be a part of. Below you will find basic moderating guidelines to help us all manage the community more effectively.

Learn The Moderating Tools
First, take the time to learn the moderating tools. We have some amazing tutorials to help walk you through this step by step. Consider starting a test thread or two within Area 51 to practice using these features. None of us learned to moderate overnight; it is an art that takes time.

Respect For Members, Community Management Team, and Each Other
It is critical that we interact with all members, vendors, and each other in a positive and respectful manner. When we lead by example, others tend to follow. For any moderation concerns regarding Vendors, please bring the issue to the attention of the Community Management Team.

There will always be a member or two that loves to push our buttons. Don't be afraid to reach out to another member of the team to handle an issue if you have reached your limit. We are a TEAM and will work together to handle whatever obstacles come our way.

Although we do use Warnings we should do so sparingly and with kindness. These should NEVER be public. When it is necessary to issue a Warning, please report the related post first so there is a record of the issue and also to open up a discussion with the Admin/Moderator Team (within reports) as needed. Whenever issuing warnings, please include the reasoning as per the instructions in our mod tutorials.

Controversial Discussions
If we participate in controversial discussions, our interaction must of course continue to be above reproach and respectful. Be aware that we will be looked to as an example of what conduct is allowed and what language is appropriate. If a controversial thread we are actively participating in needs moderation, we need to ask another member of the moderator team to handle it. This avoids the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Area 51
Everything in this section is confidential. It is kinda like Vegas in that whatever is said here, stays here. Respecting the privacy of this section helps us focus on resolving issues and working with your top concerns. Any information shared here, or privately, should be respected as privileged information we are trusting only to the moderator team.

Clear, Concise, and Consistent Rules & Guidelines
Strong communities have clear, concise, and consistent rules & guidelines for participation. These should be easy to find and understand. Work together, as a team to review and update forum rules as needed. Please reach out to the Community Management team if you need any assistance creating community rules.

Top Priorities
Don't feel like you need to spend all of your time (while in the community) moderating. As volunteers, that would never be expected of you! One of the best things we can do is set an example for others by sharing your passion by posting quality responses to threads, and also by starting new topics throughout the community.

You Are Appreciated
We can't begin to thank you enough for the leadership you provide for the community. We do want you to know that you are truly appreciated. Your efforts make our community a better place to be, and for that, we thank you.

- Community Management Team
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