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Maybe guns and ammo are becoming more available.

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The Ad for Academy Sports & Outdoors this Sunday Dec 1, 2013 had the following.

20 different hand guns for sale.
10 boxs of Pistol ammo. calibers 38, 380, 357, 9mm, 45 for sale.
4 rifles for sale. calibers 22lr, 243, 7mm, 30-30 win. for sale.
2 shotguns for sale. both 20 Guages. for sale.
Shotgun ammo. for sale.

Will check their ammo tomorrow, may get some Remington HTP 88 gr JHP.

I can only hope.
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I, too, have seen a little bit more ammo in some places. My favorite online vendor | Family Owned and Operated, Stillwater Oklahoma was almost completely OUT for the longest time. This is the place that had such good selection and prices and where I would find sales and frequently get orders of 500 or 1000 rounds in different calibers. He showed '0' big ZERO for inventory for waaaaay too long. But now I see his stock is coming back a bit. (Although pricing wasn't the greatest or like it used to be but at least he had it available.)

I also bought 2 boxes of Winchester 380 from a local Walmart last week. I left 2 more boxes of that and 2 boxes of TULA on the shelf. There was some other stuff (nothing I needed or really could use) so YES, it looks like there's a little daylight showing behind those dark, ammo-deficient clouds.
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The last time I went to the Academy they had a lot of Guns and Ammo for sale but no Remington HTP JHP but a lot of Ammo of all types. However today they did have some Remington HTP ( High Terminal Performance ) 380 Cal 88gr JHP 50 rounds per box for $29.99 so I got one box to try out. The box did not indicate it was +P so I hope it is regular ammo. If anyone has any info on this ammo please let me know since I will be going to the range this weekend.
Also Cabela'S ad showed 32 Rifles and shotguns plus 17 pistols for sale. Some ammo too.
Things are looking up.

I'm from Buffalo,ny. I have been seeing change here too, but we still have a big run on 22lr here due to people are hoarding 22s still. i think it will take a month or so to get back to seeing 22lr on the shelfs......
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I just got some 380s today 21.95 lead nose a box still high price....
9mm lead hard to get here due to lead plat shuting down a month ago....
Today when shopping for dog food.
I went down the sporting good's section
I noticed a whole rack full of every kind of ammo, handgun & Rifle.
however only one box of, wait for it, wait for it, yup you guessed
380 acp UMC FMJ . o well at least i have one box to take to the Range.
Have a great day Ronald K4GET
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The box did not indicate it was +P so I hope it is regular ammo. If anyone has any info on this ammo please let me know :cool:
Not familiar with the ammo but it should be marked +P on the case head if it is. If it just says 380 you should have regular ammo, no?
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