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Looking for Bersa 380 Thunder Combat 15 round magazine

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I recently bought a Bersa 380 Thunder Combat pistol that uses a 15 round magazine .. I want to buy a couple more mags but can't find them online or through the dealer that sold me the gun ... anyone know where I can purchase them or know why there are none to be found?
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Good luck with that . . . Eagle Imports was handling Bersa but, as I understand from previous posts, lost the representation to another outfit in Georgia called Talon Distributing. Some forum member(s) called them but were informed that the company wasn't ready for prime time. In any case, the PN for the magazine is THUN380PM15MAG if you want to do a search. website will list a bunch of dealers who list this part, but they're all out of stock. I really like my pistol, but it seems the only way I'll get a spare mag is to buy another pistol!
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