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Leather work.

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Afternoon Boys,
Anybody else do leather work? I just made me another holster for my Bersa. Seems like every one I make get's a lil better than the last. Always working out the bugs.
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I'll use this one till spring and maybe I'll get ahead of all the other projects where I can buy me some more leather. I had one piece of leather left that I could just cut the holster part from. It was wide enough, but was 1/8" short in length. I had to take the mag holder, shoulder straps, buckles and belt clips off of an older holster which came from an older holster. But I figure by spring I will know what "adjustments" I may want to make to it. Then I'll buy some more leather and parts and build one for keeps.
Hi Mr Hobbles, no I don't do any leather work however some times I do wear my leather jacket. By the way was that a real snake skin belt you had in your video.
Those were great looking items you made in your videos. I don't have the creative skills to make much of anything.

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I like the rig, do you make them to sell? Would be interested.
Mornin Boys,

Nice leather jacket, and yes that's a rattle snake skin from out west.

I'm really not that good with the sewing contraption yet, so I just make stuff for me. BUT,, have you tried ebay yet? You can get ANYTHING there and at a good price. Just check that the seller has a good rep and it has free shipping.
There is no way I could match their price.
Well heck! That didn't take long to find out it's all at the wrong angels as you can see in the CLICKY. I took it all apart and am waiting for the glue to dry so I can re-sew it at the right angles. It just wasn't SMOOTH enough coming out of the holster.
Sure glad this is just a test holster.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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