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Latest drill.

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We all have seen videos of people drawing their weapon and having it go off, some of them even end up shooting them self's. With that in mind, I have a tendency to fall back on the training we did in the military. I was #2 OBA man on the fire hose during General quarters. We trained a LOT. But when the shtf, our body's would make all the right moves, which left our minds free to look for things that we didn't train for and might go wrong. Same with firing a weapon. I am not interested in fast draw at the moment, I'm just teaching my body what I want and how to move. That way I don't have to concentrate on un snapping the holster and dropping safety as I clear leather. When I first started, it didn't go so smooth. (I have seen people drop their weapon when doing this) Once I get my movement's down, that will leave my brain free to evaluate my situation and figure out who I might need to drop first and if I have a clear shot or not. Anybody that has had their life on the line knows how fast the brain works and how much info it can process in less then the blink of an eye.
So, with that in mind, this is my latest drill.
As you can see here I need to improve. But, even my misses are close. I'll get better. The target is 4 1/2" by 6" at 21 feet.
"Aim small, Miss small"
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