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I bought a KelTec SU-16 B model 5.56. Neat little 5.56 carbine with a 16" barrel. Just over 4 pounds, and folds in the middle down to 25 inches, to fit in a pack when hiking. It uses AR15 magazines, and is California "Featureless" so it does not need registered as an Assault Weapon next year.. It holds two Kel-Tec factory 10 rounds, or a USGI aluminum 30 rounder in the stock! With a 30 in the weapon, that's 60 rounds of [email protected] in you hand.

I put a Tasco Pro-Point shotgun red dot scope on it, and can bounce pop cans off hand at 50-75 yards all day long. It has a 1/7 twist barrel, so I can use the MK262 MOD1 77 grain OTM 5.56 that special ops uses in the Sandbox. Serious thump! It is as much fun to shoot as an M1 carbine!

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