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Is there a Bersa I missed?

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I was looking through and ran across this ad. Bersa compact .45 acp for sale (965587445) Besides seeming like a good deal, the part that caught my eye was it being a 10 round .45. I know they have the 9mm and the 40S&W in the high capacity, but I have never seen a .45. With the 9mm holding 17, and 40S&W holding 13. It seems logical that a 45 would be around 10 rounds. Anybody know of such a beast?
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Nice gun, but think there is some misinformation in that posting. That's a standard Duo Tone 45UC Pro and is advertised on the Eagle web site as a 7 round mag. The mag featured appear to be the factory 7 round. If it were a 10 round, it would stick out the end of the gun by at least an inch. I've fired the Bersa made Firestorm 45UC (7 round), liked it and gave serious thought about getting the actual Bersa version. I'd be even more tempted in they made it in the HC Pro like they do the 9mm.
I have the UC 45 and love it! Very good shooting gun. When I bought the gun I had no iintention of using it as a carry gun. But I had sent my Springfield in for a recall and thought I would try it. The only thing I had to carry it concealed with was a Versacarry. It really surprised me how well carried. Not the lightest gun I have ever carried, but not bad at all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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