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Just a heads up,,,
To get all the XP upgrades before they go away, use Microsoft update, not the old one. (Windows update I think) The old one never worked on all of them anyway. I was always telling that one not to try and update this or that because it wouldn't take.

PS: I did NOT let it download their "Windows XP End of Support Notification (KB2934207)". I don't trust them that much.

Also,, use the custom not the express, get em ALL!!
I didn't download Bing either. My choice.

Microsoft Update

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A Month ago my desk top computer went belly up and I had to format my Hard drive and reload my XP windows. You can not get all the software from Microsoft that you need, It took all night to get enough software including Internet Explorer 8 just to get it up. It was a dell computer and the Dell web site did not have the drivers for the Dell display, sound, Nic card and several other important drivers. I now own a useless door stop. I am glad I had a Laptop to use. It does have that stupid windows 7 in it. Anyway it is not important since my Bersa 22, 380 and 380CC are all working great and I am going to the range this here weekend and shoot off several hundred rounds of 22 ammo.

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