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How to remove the Extractor

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All (item #'s) correspond to the Exploded Parts View on page 11 in the Bersa Pro Series Owners Manual
How to remove the Extractor (item #10):
Writing implement Office supplies Cosmetics Musical instrument accessory Finger
The way the Extractor Pin (item #6) is designed it is not meant to be driven downward to be removed.
Pen Wood Cosmetics Office supplies Writing implement
So from the inside of the slide using a punch, drive out the pin. Leave the punch in place.
Bumper Automotive exterior Trigger Gun accessory Office equipment

Place your thumb over the Extractor which is spring loaded and has two springs.
Wood Rectangle Gun accessory Composite material Bumper

As you slowly remove the punch, release the pressure on the Extractor exposing the Extractor Springs (item #11 & 12).
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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