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Holster for Thunder UC 9 mm

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I have a Bersa Thunder UC Pro 9mm coming from Buds Gun Shop. I will need a holster for it, and would love to be able to have a Blackhawk Serpa holster, like I have for my Baby Glock. The gun locks into the holster, until you use your finger release on it, to remove the gun.
I like this because someone would not be able to pull it out, if you got into a struggle.
I see that there is a Fobus for it, but is there another "popular name brand gun"
That would be the same size/shape as the Bersa, that would fit and would be made by Blackhawk that would fit the Bersa?

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MichMan, Welcome to Bersa Pistol Forum, glad to have you on board from the Lone Star State.

Have you tried for a Holster ?

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I just tried, but says it can't find a server for this site. Are you sure that it still a valid website?

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Mornin MichMan,
The link is workin on my end.
Try typing the link and not coping the link. This has helped me a couple of times in the past with other sites.

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It's working now. I would rather not use a leather holster. I want what I want :), but may have to get the Fobus if I can't find one of the Blackhawk Serpas that will work.

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