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hi from southern MD

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greetings from SMIBville... new Bersa Thunder .45 Ultra compact owner here... checking in

I want spare clips, and info on why my well lubricated gun jams on the last shell most times... any help on this is appreciated...
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Welcome on board from Texas.
I had a similar problem with my Bersa 380 years ago. In my case it was because I had Magazines that were not made by Bersa. I got them from a Gun store and they did not say Bersa on them. I ordered some Bersa Magazines and my jamming problem went away. Also make sure your magazines are clean and lightly lubricated.

Good luck.
lubrication is important in soooo many things... I will have to find a source for "Bersa" loads... sounds like that could be expensive. Finding cheaper ammo has become an issue for many. Thanx for the info Tony.
Use only Factory mags Warning they are not cheap You can get them from Your one-stop shop for all things Bersa and Firestorm or from the importer directly Eagle Imports at (732) 493-0333

always call .They don't know how to answer e mails.
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Welcome from the Rust Belt USA....
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