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Hey, From Eastern Kentucky

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I am a long time shooter and hunter, first time Bersa owner. I have had my fair share of guns in my 40 years, but never a Bersa. And I would still not have one if not for a big Bersa fan on another forum. I was looking for a new .45 carry pistol, and to be honest I was not aware that Bersa made anything other than the 380. While on a concealed carry forum, someone made mention of their new Bersa Thunder Pro 45. He just kept going on about this gun. How it was better than guns he had paid twice as much for. I thought it was a guy that maybe didn't know as much as he was putting on. So I did a little research and it was the same story every time. So I thought for the price I would take the chance. Well after shooting the gun for about two months, I wanted to go back and find that original poster and apologize to him for even thinking negative thoughts about him. Well that and to thank him for introducing me to Bersa's larger caliber handguns. I love this gun and I am already looking to buy the BP9CC.
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Welcome on board from the Lone Star State. Also welcome to the world of Bersa guns.
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