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Hi everyone. I'm a brand-new handgun owner, having just bought a Thunder 380 Plus. I did put a few rounds through a .45 in the Army many, many moons ago, and I have plinked a few cans and prairie dogs with a .22 revolver over the years, but I'm essentially a handgun newbie. I did earn an Expert rating with the M14 in the Army, but I don't think I've fired any type of firearm in 30-plus years. I am enrolled in a basic pistol class later this week, and plan to get my concealed-carry permit next month so I can take the pistol with me on various driving trips later this year.

I retired in 2010 after 26 years as a journalist with a major wire service and another 19 years as an airport public affairs director. I'm anxious to become proficient with my new pistol, and I'm looking forward to getting lots of helpful advice from fellow forum members. Thanks in advance.
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