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For you re-loaders

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Don't forget to update/renew your fire alarms, safety first..

And remember,,

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Hi Mr Hobbles, I have been wondering how big of an investment is reloading your own ammo??
I have been shooting for over 30 years on a regular basis, started out shooting 38's and 357's revolvers at first and then moved over to Pistols. I wondered how much I have spent first as a enjoyable and fun hobby shooting at the range to the more important home and self defense use of shooting practice. I have no way of really knowing how many rounds I fired during practice ( Except my Bersa 380 which to me is the best pistol I ever owned) or its cost. I go to the range each and every month to shoot and just to low ball the rounds I have shot so far I took 2 box's each month times 12 months giving me 24 box's, times only 10 years gave me 240 box's. Then I multiplied it by $14.00 per box's. That come to $3,360. I know I have spent more but the main thing is loading your own 9mm & 380 ammo worth it.
Thanks Mr Hobbles.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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