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For the horse people.

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It's a good thing I drink beer, it settles me and my horse down,,,
This was the 3rd time, it was a lil different the first time.

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Looks like I need to sack down my dog next.
Thank you Tony. Ya, he's a little spooky this year, so I'm just settling him down and showing him noise won't hurt him. He's working out fine,, so far.
A saddle tramps point of view,,,,,,,,

A friend of mine is getting into horses, he wants to be a cowboy. He asked me what is the most important thing he needs to do.
I asked him what size shoe his Wife wears, he told me. Then I asked what size shoe his horse wears, he didn't know.
I told him the first thing he needs to do is get his priorities in order.
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